Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day with the Family

What to write on the first blog post? Hmmmmm? Well I guess the obvious, it's a snow day! All six of the children are home. With. Me. By. Myself. My husband of course was able to brave the conditions and make it to work. But today is a typical snow day in Arkansas. All the schools close down when the weather forecasters even mention wintery precipitation. In actuality, all of the roads are completely clear in our city, but the trees are coated with a dreamy, beautiful coat of ice. With the assistance of one of my teenagers, I might even be able to include a picture:) The big worry is that the layer of ice is also coating the power lines. I have already located candles and lighters, and charged portable DVD players in the event of a power outage. Every time a limb breaks off and hits the roof, I cringe. No electricity with a house full of kids is not something one looks forward too. A quick check of the supply of white wine might also be prudent before my husband heads home from work!

This is also a good time to introduce the family(names have been changed to protect...well so I don't embarrass my teenagers). First and foremost, is my partner in this adventure, Big'un. We have been married for 20 years this coming August. There is nothing he wouldn't do to take care of us. He is a physical therapist working with the geriatric population, and he has a way with little old ladies. My oldest son(16), TheBelovedFirstBorn,is a junior in high school. His name was bestowed upon him by his younger sisters. My 14 year old decided that she should be referred to as TheForgottenMiddleChild, though she laughs when she says it, and knows she is none of those things. TheBaby is my 11 year old daughter. When we adopted my youngest son, it was made abundantly clear that she would still get to be the baby. She owns the role. My youngest son,TheLifeoftheParty, just turned six this week. God brought him into our lives through foster care several years ago, and we adopted a year and a half ago. Starting kindergarten all over again in my forties has been an experience. Last but not least are the children that are loved in our home through foster care. We have been fostering for 4 1/2 years. The placements last anywhere from several weeks to a year. At this time we have baby girl (almost 17 months) and baby boy ( 2 years). Baby girl has been with us 11 months and will be leaving around the first of March. When these little ones leave, it is usually very emotional and difficult for our family.

During the hour and a half, that it has taken me to write this, I have refereed two fights, changed two diapers, cleaned one face, helped build a tent, put one child in time out, and am about to tell TheForgottenMiddleChild she can't go to the sleepover because of the weather (the sleet is quite heavy now)! Just a regular day in the life of a not so typical family!