Friday, February 5, 2010

Molly Dog

Today was a sad day. I took our two dogs into get a bath. We have a golden retriever, Sugar, who is 12 years old and a terrier/corgie mix who was about 9 years old named Molly. Molly appeared to have an abscessed tooth, and the vet was going to take a look at it. A little after lunch, the vet called to say that they had to sedate Molly to take a look at her mouth, and they had found a large melanoma in her mouth and jaw. There was not much that could be done about the cancer, and she was only going to get worse. The vet gave us some options, and we decided it was best for Molly to let her go.
I think I have cried more than the kids today. I had to tell all four of the kids separately, and started crying all over again with each. Afterwards we went to the office to pick up sweet Sugar. I am worried that she is going to grieve so over missing Molly. They were the best of buds. Our Molly girl was loved by the family for many years and will be greatly missed!


  1. Oh how sad. I have shed alot of tears over losing a pet.

  2. I'm so sorry Kim - it's just hard to lose a pet. My heart hurts with you. blessings, marlene